DAWON MONTESSORI will be the dreams of children.


We strive to take full responsibility for making the educational tools and toys that are the first for all newborn babies to become in contact with and learn from.
When we started to make the educational tools and toys in 1991, we felt we urgently needed to develop new products and improve the quality of the tools and toys for small children in kindergartens in Korea.
With our experience and know-how on quality improvement and the development of new products and technology, DAWON MONTESSORI will try to develop more new products and designs to both enter overseas markets and provide with quality products at lower prices.
We will attract even small orders and export our own brand or OEM-based products so that our customers can do a business with us more easily.
DAWON MONTESSORI has practicing its own quality assurance and recall systems since 1998, which have been tried for the first time in the industry related to small children of Korea.